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Note: This site is no longer maintained and is kept here for nostalga. Many links to external sites no longer work and have been removed. They were great days, making maps, playing clan games etc. There was some fantastic characters about and I miss them and the fun we had in this make belive 3D world. I am just so happy that so many people liked playing my maps - cheers guys! [Added 16 Jan 2005]



Well it's been quite some time since I updated these pages. To be quite honest, I have been out of the Quake scene for a long time. Just too many other things to do.

Anyway, I was asked by 'LINK' an admin in the Quakeworld tournaments "Smackdown" to modify Androm9 to change some of the weapons and ammo and to change the red armor above the gardens to yellow. This is now done, and the map is called Andom9b (Andromeda Nine B). Have fun.

You can get a copy here.

I am also letting you download my map from the UKPAK Pak, as the links to the full pack are no longer working. So if you want it, here it is.



Woop!! I love this game, can't wait to get mapping for [Quake 3 Arena].


UKPAK now out

The first [UKPAK] is now out. A group of talented mappers have got together to give the UK clans a batch of new maps to play on. There are 8 maps included in this first PAK. My map is called UKPAK6 "The Cellar".

Goto my Map page to find out more, including some screen shots and download links.


98 Irish Quake Awards

Hehe just seen the 98 Irish Quake Awards and guess what... yep, I have some more awards for my maps :)

Favourite Map
2 : DM3

Best Custom Map


UKPAK map ukpak6 "The Cellar"

My map for the [UKPAK] is finished and is undergoing final clan testing this weekend. I have added my usual scrawl to the wall, as I do with all my maps these days, plus some extra fun bits :)

Here is just a taster...


UKDM2 Finshed!

UKDM2 my conversion of the Quake map UKCLDM2 to QuakeII is finished and ready to play

Have fun.


UKDM2 just about done

I will be finishing off the UKDM2 map for QuakeII shortly, so if you have any comments, let me have them Quick!

I would like to thanks all those that helped with the testing, especially to John Simpson [ghost] for putting the map on a server to test on line.

Although the map does look a lot better than the original QuakeI map (ukcldm2) as this is a straight conversion, we may find that it does not play as well with QuakeII. After all QuakeII is a completely different game, it looks and feels very different. The weapons are also far removed from those we use in Quake1. So if this map does not get played much (or at all) I will understand. I can take a failure now and then :(

After some comments recently I have decided not to convert TitanII. I think it would be a good idea to leave the "classic" QuakeI maps to be played with QuakeI. Now that I have cut my teeth so-to-speak on Quake2 map editing, I think I am ready to start a Quake2 map from scratch.

This won't happen straight away, I am part way through another, possibly the last QuakeI map. It's for the [UKPAK] - a set of deathmatch maps based on a common theme, being made by a number of map authors for the UK quake community.

Now that Half-Life is here, I am really excited about making maps for this game. Stay tuned for news.


UKDM2 Beta test results... so far!

Hmmm... So far I have not had much feedback :(, come on lads!, I thought that you would appreciate having a say in how the map turned out. You still have time, (beta link removed) and let me know what you think.

Well the feedback so far is good, everyone likes it (as far as it looks anyway) no one has done any server testing, which is what I really need.

Constructive comments received about ukdm2-beta5 are...

  • 1. "Map doesn't seem as dark as it was before? Just seems overly bright in places."
  • 2. "Its very... erm...... dark?"
  • 3. "The quad area. Its a lot easier to jump over to the quad without the bridge than it was in q1."
  • 4. "Well done is all I can say, very nicely put together, it`s almost the exact same even the weapons seem to fit properly."
  • 5. "Cool"
  • 6. "Its UK2!"
Not a lot to go on, but here goes...

1 & 2: From the first 2 comments all I can say is that the brightness of the map is purely down to personal taste. So what I have done since beta5 is to darken the corridors slightly, this brings the brightness of these areas back to the Q1 map. The other areas are more or less the same. So no more on the brightness please, if you want it altering, use your controls to alter the gamma or the monitor!!

3: You may have noticed that the small corridor that goes to the quad room is wider in the beta. So I have changed it back to the same width as the original. In the original, only one person at a time could get through there, so I thought it better to keep the play the same. This allowed me to widen the gap to the quad by a little, so you can no longer jump the gap, (not that I could anyway).

4, 5 & 6: Thanks :)


Final Beta version available

A final beta version(5) of a conversion of the popular UK map UKCLDM2 for use with Quake2. (beta link removed).

Any of your comments would be appreciated about the map, this is your very last chance to voice your opinions before the map goes "gold" :)

Please remember this is a beta, when the final version is out, it will have a different name from this beta. The beta will not be played again, so remove it from your hard drive to avoid any confusion.

On line server testing is needed, if you can help, let me know.


Conversion update

Made a few more changes, all small ones with slight changes to textures, sounds, lighting and clip brushes. I made a few changes to the hidden room under the stairs, see pic above. A few people are going to be testing the map over the next few days.


UKCLDM2 Quake2 Conversion

Update on the conversion... Getting there now :) the whole map has been re-lit, looks alot beter now, I have updated some of the screen shots below. Just got a few bits to do, and of course some beta testing !


UKCLDM2 Quake2 Conversion

Yep ! as you can see from the above screen shots, I am converting the popular UK map UKCLDM2 for use with Quake2. It will be called UKDM2 as that seemed to be what the Quake1 map was generally called. It will be a as close to the original as possible for play. It will of course look a lot different :) I am well on the way with this now, and in about 1 weeks time I should have it ready for beta testing. I will keep you posted. Come back soon.

If this works well, I hope to convert Titan2 folowed by Androm9.


Quake 98 Results

Well what can I say... on [Bigfoots] [Quake 98 Poll] the top 3 Favourite Custom Maps are all mine :) Thank you all for voting for my maps, it's a great feeling to know that they are well liked in the UK Quake community. Cheers.

Well UNREAL has not met up to expectations, sure it's a great single player game and the graphics are fantastic. But when it comes to multiplayer on the net, it has a long way to go. Also my other grip about Unreal is the editor. The editor that comes with the game is not at all like [Worldcraft] which I am used to, in fact it is so different and so difficult to manipulate brushes I have given up, well at least till they bring out a new version of the editor, then I will give it another go.


Not a lot happening at the moment (with map making that is), been busy with real life etc.

UNREAL will be in the shops withing the next 2 weeks, it's out in the States this weekend. Can't wait to see what I can make for this game :)


Long time over due for an update !

Not much going on with the map making at the moment - real life and all that :(. I had been waiting a long time for Worldcraft 1.6 to appear so I could start to make Q2 maps, or at least start converting come of my Quake 1 maps. Any way I made a small start converting ukcldm2, it's looks good, but I have had to put it on hold for the moment. From what I hear, most peeps want to keep playing Quake 1 maps, so you never know I may do another one :)

YAHOO ! I am going to Fusion98 cya there !

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