My Quake Maps by Slayer (Michael Oates) :

UKPAK6 Released - 26/02/99

I was asked to produce a new map as part of the [UKPAK] project. This is a group of talented mappers that have got together to give the UK clans a batch of new maps to play on. My map is called UKPAK6 "The Cellar", and there are 8 maps included in this first PAK.

I have added some humorous bits to this map, some thing to amuse your selves with while waiting for the match to start :), hope you like it. Get the UKPAK from the [UKPAK] web site or [here]

UKDM2 Released - 20/12/98

This is a departure from my normal maps, this is a QuakeII conversion of the popular Quake map UKCLDM2 it's called "UKDM2".

See a review on [Skeeve's Quake II DM Reviews] site

Get it from... here.

Andromeda Nine Released - 04/01/98

Here are a few screen shots of my map named "Andromeda Nine" Again a deathmatch only map. Hope you like it.


The map will be used in UKQC matches, get it from... here.

Titan II Released - 09/10/97

Here are a few screen shots of "Titan II" This, as my previous maps, is a deathmatch only map. This is a plan of the level, to help you find your way round.

This will be used in the MCW and UKCL League matches, get it from... here



18th June 97, This level is used in the UK one on one league [UKOOL]

Note: The map supports transparent water when used with GLQuake.

Sample GLQuake shots below...


Download UKOOLDM5 Now !


(17th May 97) UKCL4X1 is the first Official UKCL deathmatch level for the X4 League. But the X4 League was abandoned shortly after this map was played. It was then adoped by the [UK Quad FragFest League] So it was played again, phew ! But I think it has now been layed to rest, but never mind the UKQFFL have adopted UKCLDM2, TitanII and Andromeda Nine :)

Below are a couple of screen shots.

Download UKCL4X1 Now !

UKCLDM2 Best Custom DM Map in the UK quake Awards '97

The Corridors of Hell was my first map.

But this was modified, and is now called UKCLDM2, a UK Clan League deathmatch level. I think I was very lucky with this map, it has been played a great many times, and is many peeps fav map, thanks guys :)

Here is a plan of the level, to help you find your way round.

Also BoyWonder has done a [rough guide]

You must also visit [Phord's Camp Site] hehe nice one !

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