Sony Mavica FD91

All these images are taken with the Sony Mavica FD91.

The Sun

26th March 1999 12:47
Taken with BAADER AstroSolar filter (see Solar Page for more info). And a 2x teleconverter.

18th March 1999 11:43
This shot is a bit lighter, I used spot metering with EV +1.5 (Image just cropped, no enhancement)

17th March 1999 14:14

17th March 1999 17:18

Both these images of the Sun were taken on the same day, at different times. The image is full size (i.e. I have only cropped not resized the images) Also they have not been enhanced in any way. Two main Sunspot groups can be seen, with a third just visable. To take these images I used a special solar filter made by Thousand Oaks Optical. It is polymer filter coated with multiple layers of aluminium that reflects nearly all light and infra-red. It has a neutral density of 5, which reduces the light by about 100,000 times. It is mounted in a standard 52mm filter holder, and just screws on the 14x lens of the Fd91. The exposure is by spot meter and left to automatic. The second image has a red tint to it, as it was quite low on the horizon.

The filter can be obtained from...

  Thousand Oaks Optical
  Box 4813
  Thousand Oaks
  California 91359
  Phone: (805) 491-3642
  Fax: (805) 491-2393

For more images of the Sun see my Solar Page where I post all daily Solar images.

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