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Have you some old tapes, reel to reel or cassette, or vinyl records that you want transferring on to CD. ARL can help.

Thank you for the work you did, the sound quality is far better now on CD's then it was on tapes and also the improvements you made putting the songs in stereo has made a big difference. Dad is delighted with the CD's and also the covers, the photo's and wording. He and the rest of the family now have a beautiful collection of his great singing voice to treasure forever.

Thank you, Mrs B. Flynn Barrow-In-Furness.

This sample shows the before and after restoration, you will be able to tell where it changes!
And this sample was from a very bad cassette tape



Audio Transfer from Vinyl, Cassette or Reel to Reel Tape:

Transfer from vinyl records (33 & 45 rpm) and cassette tape to CD can be also made from £10*, (plus postage). If you want any restoration work this will be charged at £7.50 per hr. Transfer from two track ¼" tape can also be made for tape speeds: 3 ¾", 7.5" & 15" per second using a Studer A807 Two-Track Reel-to-Reel tape recorder.

Restoration work includes, removal of tape hiss, clicks and pops from damaged records and brightening up dull sounding recordings to bring them back to life. This is done in both software and outboard hardware on the Digital Audio Workstation. There are of course limits to what can be done and this can soon eat-up many hours of time. Please call to discuss your requirements. Each transfer will be priced according to the media being transfered from, the length of the audio and how much time is to be spent editing.

* The basic cost is for direct transfer only with no editing other than simple tape hiss reduction and splitting the audio into tracks so they can be found easily on the final CD. This cost would be for a 45 rpm single or 30min cassette. Contact me with your requirements and for prices.



When sending tapes or vinyl for transfer onto CD, please send (in an email or on disk a .txt or MS Word .DOC file) the track list as you would like it to appear on the CD. Without that I will not be able to label the tracks. Also include the title text you want on the CD.

Your original will be returned to you with the CD. ARL will keep digital copies of the original transfer and the final edited audio for a limited time (~6 months) should you need any further restoration work on the audio.

ARL cannot be held responsible for damage to your originals such as postal damage or tape breakage. All efforts will be made to avoid damage and tape can be spliced together if it does break, but some loss of quality may occur if the tape gets creased in the machine. C120 tapes are very prone to this due to the thin tape used. If your originals are valuable, use insured postage.


Copyright Note:

This service is only for transfer of your own recordings that are not subject to copyright or originals that can not be purchased on CD. The primary aim of this service is to allow old recordings to be saved / restored to a new medium so that they can still be enjoyed, or for archive purposes. The copying of music (that is still in copyright) from one form to another is technically against the law, although if you retain the original and do not sell the new copy, you are unlikely to be prosecuted. Please do not ask to have music copied that can be purchased, apart from it being illegal, it makes no sense, buying the music on the new media will be cheaper and probably better quality.


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