Copyright is an important issue when recording music. As part of planning a session, permission to use a venue for both the live performance and also for recording must be obtained.

Copyright Notes:

You can't just record any music and hope to sell the CDs, most music even in sheet form has copyright and appropriate licences need to be obtained before CDs can be manufactured.

There are two types of licence that will apply to recordings made by ARL:

MCPS LAPL (Limited Availability Product Licence). This agreement covers audio and audio-visual products made for a non-commercial nature (i.e. local interest videos, home videos). Manufacturing is limited to 500 copies. The scheme allows easy use of MCPS member's music without the need to obtain clearance from each individual copyright owner. This licence can be for up 100 copies (£40), 101-500 copies (£120) or up to a maximum of 501-1000 (£250). Prices include VAT (Dec 2007) Note these prices have recently increased.

MCPS AP2 Agreement: The AP2 Agreement allows the issuing of audio products (CDs/LPs) in the UK for retail sale. Under the scheme you are charged based on the quantity of products to be manufactured in advance of the actual manufacture. This agreement covers any number of copies and is charged according to a percentage of the sale price. This percentage may be 6.5% or 8.5% depending on the method of sale + VAT.

It is therefore very important to know just how many copies you are likely to need as well as the sale price. As the AP2 agreement is paid before the CD's are made, if you decide to reduce the sale price later, you will have paid for a higher licence fee than needed.

Music played at public venues requires a PRS licence. This is arranged by the venue which should already have a licence to play any music. For a non public event, i.e. a recording session a PRS licence should not be needed.

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