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This home page is dedicated to amateur astronomy. I have combined my love for astronomy and computing to produce and maintain a number of astronomy web sites. Most of these sites are for amateur astronomy and all are for societies and organizations based in Britain.

This domain is also the name of a Minor Planet named after me 'mikeoates 68948' by it's discoverer Sebastian F. Hönig. See my comet page for more information.

I also maintain my companies web site the home of Phoenix Electroplating Ltd.

I now have an astrobin site which holds my latest astrophotos.

All of the web sites are housed at Zen Internet.


Mike's SOHO Comet Hunt

Atlas Celeste

Atlas Celeste

Total Solar Eclipse - 11 Aug 1999

Quake - Slayers Home

a bit about me sites i maintain my link pages

I am one of the lucky few who has paticipated in the SETI@home program and found a candidate

  My eldest son, Simon Oates runs a popular website: Financial Expert

My Solar Images
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My Lunar Images